Whip my hair back and forth –


  I’ve had a week full of ups and downs. At some point during this week my heart hurt, and my body hurt. 

   Luckily for my heart – I have amazing friends and family to comfort me. Which is really something as a person I need to remember. ‘I can ask for help, and I don’t need to do everything myself.’ I have friends who will pick up the phone at 2am to just talk to me. And I have wonderful No Parachute therapy support group to stop rehearsal for 10 minutes to hug me and listen. (More then just a theatre company ‘ya’ll’)

 As for my body – HOLY SNAP. 
Yes yes – this was the week back from the holidays for all of us. Going back into training…feels so good it hurts. Actually. I love feeling like you know you’ve pushed your body, because the next day…you cant move your body. WELL, yesterday The No Parachute Girls were fortunate enough to have a beautiful TWO HOUR yoga class. It was truly so beautiful. To be able to just breathe, strengthen, learn, stretch, and release? What more can you ask?

After yoga – I actually was on my way to a two hour dance audition. Thats where I turned into Willow Smith. I dont know if it’s just me…but ‘hair-ography’ is something that just comes natural.  I kid you not – for two hours, I was whipping my hair back and forth to a Jackson 5 song. With lots of street jazz and hip hop choreography by Miles Faber (Male Runner up on SYTYCD season 1/Canada) So much fun – I really missed just dancing my heart out. 

 In the words of Willow Smith – ‘Keep my head up, I know I’ll be fine. Just keep smiling until you get there. And when I am down and I feel like giving up? I think again. I whip my hair back and forth…and whip my hair back and forth…,.and whip my hair back and forth…ect’

…Ok maybe the last part is extreme but you get the gist. 


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