Crunch Time

Just a little update for you all..



When I started No Parachute Theatre I was full of nerves and excitement for the unknown journey ahead of me. I knew I loved creating, I knew I loved performing but I could not have imagined where I currently am and where we are as the team for FRAGMENTS.

Rehearsals with this group are fun, intense and challenging all at once.  We demand the best from each other whether it is verbalized or not.  We work without complaint even when our hands ache from swinging on the cross fit jungle gym, the backs of our knees grow weak from hanging by them, we get dizzy and are sore but we move forward with barely an acknowledgment of a bruise or the pain. Every battle wound we receive from the space or each other is just proof of the process, and we wear them as a badge of our hard work and bond.

We are lifting and pulling, pushing and flying through the space and we are always there to catch each other. There is an incredible amount of trust in the room. People are still surprising me everyday and willing to explore, receive and play at any given moment. Everyone is ready to rig equipment or pass chalk as there is no time to be selfish in this rehearsal hall.

We are getting close to our show and I’m getting excited to share with an audience our findings. We are piecing together our show, finding new transitions and adding final layers to the work. Microphones are getting attached to our equipment, costumes are being worn and the excitement from cast and crew is undeniable.

Fragments postcards will be out soon and tickets go on sale this week! Seating is limited so make sure you get your tickets right away.

See you all soon!


Artistic Director

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