Crunch Time

Just a little update for you all..   When I started No Parachute Theatre I was full of nerves and excitement for the unknown journey ahead of me. I knew I loved creating, I knew I loved performing but I could not have imagined where I currently am and where we are as the team […]

Sterling Soiree

NP artistic director by day and Cirque-ability’s artistic director by night! I really do love my double life full of theatre and aerial. Last night The Sterling Soiree opened to a sold out house and lots of laughs. This playful and quirky 1950’s Murder Mystery is trying to solve the question of “Who killed Harvey […]

Be flexible

 I was fortunate enough to receive flexibility training at Cirque-ability from Alixa Sutton (choreographer of contortion for Cirque du Soleil and flexibility expert) a couple of weeks ago.   Since her workshop I have been using her tips and flexibility exercises almost daily. I feel like I’m getting into my body in a whole new […]

Thank you!!!

First of all, thank goodness for Family Day! Yesterday we did have a No Parachute rehearsal but then I was free to enjoy my afternoon. I was given some much needed time to unwind and relax. I was able to reflect on Friday (which felt like a dream) and I just wanted to take the […]

Whip my hair back and forth –

Dreamers,   I’ve had a week full of ups and downs. At some point during this week my heart hurt, and my body hurt.     Luckily for my heart – I have amazing friends and family to comfort me. Which is really something as a person I need to remember. ‘I can ask for help, and […]