Crunch Time

Just a little update for you all..   When I started No Parachute Theatre I was full of nerves and excitement for the unknown journey ahead of me. I knew I loved creating, I knew I loved performing but I could not have imagined where I currently am and where we are as the team […]

Sterling Soiree

NP artistic director by day and Cirque-ability’s artistic director by night! I really do love my double life full of theatre and aerial. Last night The Sterling Soiree opened to a sold out house and lots of laughs. This playful and quirky 1950’s Murder Mystery is trying to solve the question of “Who killed Harvey […]

In process.

We have been doing lots of talking. Which for a physical theatre company may seem strange but its been essential to our process and us moving forward. It’s an opportunity for everyone to say everything they think and feel without being judged and to let ourselves dream BIG! This brainstorming and writing time has been […]

Kadri Hansen joins the ensemble!!

Kadri Hansen Kadri Hansen is an Estonian aerial acrobat whose main passion is to interact and influence the audience through aerial performances. Currently Kadri is performing in Toronto, Canada. Kadri has been involved with Circus and performing for almost 12 years. She has worked on aerial silks, trapeze, hoop, sling, net and taken several aerial […]


TALIYA COHEN!! (Faeya Tal) This fierce, strong, incredibly generous and talented woman will be joining us in the development of our new show The Line (working title) As we strive to create interdisciplinary works, it means that sometimes we need to find special gems such as Taliya to help make the visions come true. Taliya has performed all over […]

Girl Crush

Alexandra Royer

This is my biggest girl crush for sure. I saw her perform in Montreal in Sequence 8 and she blew my mind. So strong, vibrant, compelling and technically stunning. I couldn’t take my eyes off her and I felt totally inspired by her. I want to hug her after the show and just thank her for being so present in the work, solid in her choreo, confident in every move and having wicked curly hair. I didn’t hug her, thought it would be weird…but maybe next time.